Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hit the wall!

So been a while since I last blogged so thought I should check in so to speak. So last week was very happy to maintain after a munchy Sun and Mon and then to be honest not a brill Tues, Wed or Thurs.

I have a muffin fixation at the mo, I love baking cakes and always have and in times of stress and grumpiness do tend to get baking, I don't necessarily even like eating them but baking chills me, although recently I have been making chocolate muffins with chocolate icing and I am in LOVE with the icing, in fact I keep just eating the icing off the muffins and leaving the muffin! So the last batch of muffins are now gone after I ate the icing off 3 last night and threw the cakes so my goal is not to make any more.

The exercise has dried up as well, the weather has been so bad recently that I haven't been able to get out and I have decided the whale is no longer visiting Taunton pool.

So last week had a lot of stress in my life, early in the week I had a bit of stress through things and then later in the week I had a job interview for a new job, am happy to post that I got the job so am looking forward to that, going to be working in Taunton now doing the books for 2 jewellers which I am very excited about, not least because of the massive cut in travelling which means I will be able to get to some exercise classes for 6pm which will be great.

Feeling the strain of dieting and am gutted as only 2 weeks into Slimming world and I maintained and now am looking at a gain this week. Although I have made some good choices, have been cakes 3 times in the office this week and I have abstained, although then I get home and eat muffins so not sure which is worse!

Holiday in 3 weeks though and would like to lose over the next 2 weeks weigh ins so need to be good, cooked chilli cheese kievs though last week and again last night and they are lovely so my food repertoire is increasing.

Anyway I'm off to eat a cookie or an eclair.......... or both!