Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hit the wall!

So been a while since I last blogged so thought I should check in so to speak. So last week was very happy to maintain after a munchy Sun and Mon and then to be honest not a brill Tues, Wed or Thurs.

I have a muffin fixation at the mo, I love baking cakes and always have and in times of stress and grumpiness do tend to get baking, I don't necessarily even like eating them but baking chills me, although recently I have been making chocolate muffins with chocolate icing and I am in LOVE with the icing, in fact I keep just eating the icing off the muffins and leaving the muffin! So the last batch of muffins are now gone after I ate the icing off 3 last night and threw the cakes so my goal is not to make any more.

The exercise has dried up as well, the weather has been so bad recently that I haven't been able to get out and I have decided the whale is no longer visiting Taunton pool.

So last week had a lot of stress in my life, early in the week I had a bit of stress through things and then later in the week I had a job interview for a new job, am happy to post that I got the job so am looking forward to that, going to be working in Taunton now doing the books for 2 jewellers which I am very excited about, not least because of the massive cut in travelling which means I will be able to get to some exercise classes for 6pm which will be great.

Feeling the strain of dieting and am gutted as only 2 weeks into Slimming world and I maintained and now am looking at a gain this week. Although I have made some good choices, have been cakes 3 times in the office this week and I have abstained, although then I get home and eat muffins so not sure which is worse!

Holiday in 3 weeks though and would like to lose over the next 2 weeks weigh ins so need to be good, cooked chilli cheese kievs though last week and again last night and they are lovely so my food repertoire is increasing.

Anyway I'm off to eat a cookie or an eclair.......... or both!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A munchy Sunday & Monday!

So had my nephew over the weekend hence the lack of a blog but life returning to normal so thought I should resume and hopefully the writing of the blog will help motivate and cheer me up!

So Thursday night was very pleased to lose another 2lb, the Slimming World class really works as 4 ½ off in 2 weeks! Love my class, the leaders is fab and people seem v friendly. Haven't really spoke to many but time will tell, the potential for making new friends is there.

So Thursday night treat night was 2 bits of pizza and a choc bar and I am happy to report I didn’t even eat the chocolate bar! Made Chris take it to work on Fri morning to remove temptation from me.

Fri and Sat was very good and my nephew was down staying so it was a struggle but I was v pleased, Sun it all went a bit wrong though!

We went to Brean Leisure park and lunch was from a chip shop so a cheese burger it was for me! Only ate a quarter of a portion of chips though, so was pleased with that. So that alone would not have been that bad it was what followed that did not help!

After we dropped Matthew home we went back to Taunton and decided to go out for dinner, we went to Prezzo, I was good and ate a pizza but a light option so its only a little flat bread pizza with a side salad, shared a portion of chips though and then ate cheesecake! But it was Honeycomb cheesecake, my favourite!

Whoops, need to write off Sunday then, but I am trying to learn to be forgiving and use my flexible syns and not beat myself up to much over a bad day so Monday started and I was feeling rubbish as loads going on but my eating was going to be back on track…………………….. and during the day I was good, well no bad food passed my lips. Unfortunately I didn’t eat nearly enough as by time I got home to cook my tea I was hank marving starving and while cooking cottage pie ate a load of crisps and some sultanas and then just ate and ate and ate all night.

So lesson learnt, eat more during the day otherwise you eat crap when you get home!

The exercise has slowed as well as weather so crap I cant get out and walk and swimming seems a awful pain right now, so a gain this week is on the cards I feel but am doing lots to try and make it a small gain and not let it mess me up too much!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Motivation motivation motivation!

So its Friday and it was weigh in last night, happy happy happy happy with my 2 1/2lb pound weight loss!!!

Yippee thats the best I have done so far! Was a bit gutted at first as I have been amazing all week and eaten totally on plan, walked over 4 miles at wknd, 3 20 min lunchtime walks and 1 round of swimming but learning to accept my body wont get rid of it that easily! 

Had a very good week last week even though it was Easter, Chris worked ALL weekend from 9am till at least 10pm which was annoying but Saturday went to In Laws and Kath (mother in law) was amazing and made me a really nice healthy lunch, then Sat night I had to go get some stuff for Chris and pick him up a chinese and I resisted and ate none of it! 

So went to group and stayed as I know this is the way to motivate me and make it work and im really hoping to start making some friends to, I find it really lonely being in Taunton with not much of a network around me, plus like minded focused people I could exercise with and bitch about food with! Its really hard being the new girl at group so for once in my life I just kept quiet and observed.

So it was Thursday treat night after group, I was going to treat my self to what ever I wanted! My treat was beans on toast lol, but on white bread with butter! It was lush then I ate 2 cookies! But I did make Chris take the rest to work though and stopped at that.
Found this photo the other day, its from christmas and its horrendous, I look about a million stone! This is why im dieting I look like a hippo! 

My advice to anyone trying to diet or just in general though is to stop eating white bread, I havent eaten any white bread in 4 weeks and been eating minimal brown and last night and today have felt so rough and bloated, try it for a week and guarantee you will see the difference.

So totally focused this week, going to follow plan to the letter as although I was amazing last week I wasnt weighing milk so today I did, weighed me milk and took it to work, they thought I wsa mad but hey ho. Also taking the body magic (exercise) up a notch, instead of my flat 20 min walk round the industrial estate to day I ventured up this really steep hill, almost died though, so any of you in Yeovil today who saw a fat woman almost collapsing up a hill while still marching on it was me! 

 Tried some new recipes this week as well and  hate trying new things so am very proud of myself, made a lush Broccoli and cheese pasta bake that was syn free if you used cheese as a healthy extra. I am very pleased with myself for that and am looking to make it again next week!

I am determined! I will do it, want a 2 1/2 loss next week as well so have to work towards that and not expect it to come easily but to follow plan! 


Friday, 6 April 2012

Beached Whale at Taunton Pool

Yippee so finally got my flabby bum in gear and found Taunton swimming pool, went swimming Tuesday night and pleased to announce went back on Thursday night. Now it wasnt pleasant or fun and to be honest im amazed I went once and then went back again but I did and I am going to carry on swimming twice a week for time being. Now dont get excited I didnt swim a mile (did you know a mile is 66 lengths!) its gonna b a long long while till i get there but I finally broke the barrier and went and I went alone as Chris is working every night. So Tuesday night I swam 12 lengths which is actually only 408 metres which writing it sounds pretty pathetic but here my excuse, I saw someone I know and stopped and chatted to them for 10 minutes then they got out the pool and I thought right do you know what I am going to do another few lengths but they were starting a class and doing all sorts of stuff with ropes and I got a bit flustered so got out. Thursday though I am proud to say i did 16 lengths so increased by 4 lengths, again not masses but have you seen my arse? its quite heavy to drag around, mind you I did 12 then thought 'o I will just do a few more' and did another 2, by which point I was proper dying, but then thought 'O I will do a final 2' by the end of that I was proper dying!

But 28 lengths for someone who hasnt swam in 2 years and to go twice in a week Im ok with, plus done my 20 min walk at work twice this week and last weekend went on some amazing walks

On Saturday me and Chris went to Bossington near Porlock in Devon and walked to the top of the cliff, for those who know me, yep I ACTUALLY walked all the way to the top to take a photo and then all the way down and along the beach!!! Funny thing is how well Chris knows me as he made me walk up the cliff first then along the beach after as he said if we had walked along the beach and I had seen how far I would have to walk I would have kicked up a fuss, which is very true and made me chuckle!

This is the really funny house thing at the top of the cliff, you could see an old fire place in there it was mad!!! I was a pain as Saturday weather was rubbish when we went out but we still did and still got my bum moving! Also went to Dunster an walked around the town and went for lunch and I stuck with a jacket potato!

Sun, when the weather was gorgeous again Chris was working but I decided to go walking by myself, now I have lived in Taunton a year and gone on some fantastic walks around the area but decided to go to a National Trust place called Fyne Court as it was lovely, only I got lost trying to find it, Chris was most amused!

 So went off on a little walk, they have a map and routes and this was 1 and a half miles so off I trotted, IPOD blaring, humming to myself and it was GORGEOUS!, got a little lost though as was trying to find Broomfield Church and ended up totally in middle of no where with just fields around, so that added at least another half mile lol..
 The views are absolutely fantastic and it was just a shame I couldnt share it with anyone!

Loved the roots on this tree thought they were fab and so intricate and amazing.

So my weekend was good, lots of healthy walking and enjoyed it, so put that with 2 lots of swimming and 2 lots of 20 min walk at lunch and quite an active week.

Made a big decision as well, dieting with the girls at work just doesnt work for me, I need the support of a group and that kick up the bum so to speak so I finally did it, joined Slimming World AGAIN, for the 3rd time lol, Found a group in Taunton on a Thursday so thought my new Thursday routine would be to go swimming straight from work then off to fat club. So last night off I went, felt like crying the whole way through as I find it quite traumatic, girls at work thought I was mad for going before Easter weekend but my thinking is 4 days at home to get off to a good start. Havent told Chris either as want to get off to a good start and then tell him he he, luckily he doesnt read my blog!

Planning lots of activity this weekend, sun is shining today so im off for a long walk, hoping for a couple of hours walk to get me started well, will get swimming in there as well and going to look at Zumba classes.

Well enough of me talking, time to do me housework singing to me tunes, get those flabby bits moving and eat some breakfast, yogurt and raspberries this morning!


Friday, 30 March 2012

Yesterdays weigh in and a bit of a slump!

So weigh in yesterday and I was a bit shocked if I am honest as I stayed the same and I expected to put on really so that’s all good.

I thought I would be putting on weight as sort of lost it a little bit as I left my book at Lotties at the weekend so haven’t been writing down what I have been eating or doing much walking plus after the two Chinese’s at the weekend although haven’t eaten anything near as bad I still haven’t been excellent and after a sneaky weigh in on Wednesday was expecting the worst. So a nice surprise and after weigh in ate a lovely bit of cake! Well it was my desk buddy at works birthday and I had made the cake so it would have been rude not to, and it was lovely! 

I really enjoy making desserts and it’s a new recipe I have only made once before for my mother in law for Mothers Day. If only I enjoyed cooking proper healthy food as much as I love making cakes.

Feeling a bit hacked off really about the whole weight thing and sort of wanting to give up on my blog but am plodding on (like the snail in the race with the hare) in 3 weeks have only lost 2 ½ lb yet I have been trying and actually trying quite hard.

So last night I ate a pack of wotsits, first pack of crisps I had eaten in 3 weeks and I expected to love them and actually it was not that great, tasted quite poop really, so I suppose that’s a good thing although if you gave me a pack of high fat crisps I might be saying different. First couple of days in the week was really hungry and felt like I was eating loads but last two days for lunch have had beans on toast on small wholemeal bread and it has really been filling me up.
Been walking 3 days this week at lunch, it’s a 20 min circuit so I suppose that’s quite good, am actually going to try and get my butt to the swimming pool this weekend as well.

There’s a woman at work who this week is doing really well, she’s doing the shake and soup diet and I just wish I had the will power to do it if just for a week, I am just so useless that I cant do it GRRRR!!!!

So weekend ahead, lots of temptation, out for a meal this evening with friends, already stressing about what to get my fat bum into, and then Chris working all weekend so could end up eating crap alone at home.

Monday, 26 March 2012

A weekend of Chinese!

So after a weekend of not really being on track and being naughty its back to the drawing board.

SO Thursday night after my good weigh in was driving home dreaming of Chinese and really wanted one but decided ‘No I will go home and eat sausages and mash and veg’ then met Chris in the pub on way home and he wanted Chinese so I caved in and ate Chinese, although I was good and ordered chicken chow mien as I thought noodles would be better than sweet and sour.

Friday I went to my best friends Lottie’s to spend time with her and Theo, we ordered sandwiches from a lush sandwich shop, I was good had Turkey, salad on granary, Lottie had a brownie and I ate some fruit, (although I may have had a sneaky bit of brownie) For tea we ate chicken Kiev, so not so good but still, new pots and lettuce so that made it good.

Sat morning I ate some toast and fruit, then we went out to a Starbucks and there I was amazing as I wanted hot chocolate and cake, and actually had filter coffee and fruit salad! Lunch was a wholemeal roll and ham and a yogurt and more sodding fruit.

Went home and to a BBQ, only ate one burger on a wholemeal roll and then ate a pre packed salad I bought. Yesterday I had bran flakes for brekkie, which I was very proud of as made Chris bacon sandwiches. For lunch ate the rest of the prepacked salad, (plus a pack of chewits) but then for tea me and Chris were out and on way back got Chinese AGAIN! Bad Boyfriend!

So although some good choices were made at the weekend there were some truly bad ones, o well its start to a new week. Stepped on scales this morning and have a bit to lose to break even on Thursday. But onwards and upwards let put it behind me, and move on……………

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Finally somethin to semi celebrate

So my fellow fat fighters finally some semi good news, weigh in day this morning and 1 1/2lbs lost!

So im feeling better, not the loss I feel I deserve but still a loss, im learning that this time the weight isnt going to fall off, but slow and steady wins the race.

Doing well on the whole recording what I eat thing, makes me really think but im still adiment that before I was eating realyl well but maybe this is just tracking more and making me think totally about what is passing my lips.

So drivin home I was thinking 'right Thursday treat night' what shall i have tonight as a treat, was thinking about chinese, as you will remember I had a earlier craving for chinese but after much thinking decided no, I was going home to cook sausage and mash, met Chris in the pub on the way home and he told me he wanted chinese and I gave in GRRRRRRRRRR.

But the choices I made were better than usual, I ate chicken chow mein as better than some stuff, we shared sum rice and I ate some chips, I would like to say a few but there were a few of a few. But heres the thing, I ate that and then stopped, I thought about buying chocolate or crisps at the shop but didnt, I am determined that I would have my treat but that would be it and now im back on track and I am.

Going to my best friends tomorrow and got my food bag all packed so I can be healthy there no excuses. But I got to treat myself otherwise I will go mad, its just making sure I now get back on it.

The support im getting on my blog is really helping, I have had over 255 page views, my average blog gets over 30 views EACH, im astounded and thankful, its the thought of all you that keep me going, n the fact you have seen my fat bum!My next goal is to get 40+ average views per post, so share it with friends, colleagues anyone you want, I welcome the support and knowing people are listening really helps and motivates me.

That and a diamond ring anyway.........................

Off to bed, tired and full after chinese, nighty night fat fighters   xxxxxxx

p.s Chris thought I was mad when I threw the leftovers in the bin and put washing up liquid over it lol, but those who fight the battle of the bulge will get it lol

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fat, Frumpy & Flipping Annoyed

So thought it was time to write a new post! We are now 10 days into the healthy eating malarkey and by God its depressing!

Drove past the Indian on the way home and my heart started racing, lips started salivating and fat started wobbling! But resisted temptation, not sure how or why but resisted temptation.

So on Monday morning I went and had a sneaky weigh on the scales as wanted an idea of how I was doing, after my shock at only losing 1lb last week I wanted to gauge how I will be on Thursday. Bear in mind I ate out 4 times last week and 3 of those were EXTREMELY healthy, i put on 1/2lb. Absolutely gutted I was and still am, What the bloody hell is going on, weight should be dropping off me, its been 10 long hard days since a crisp passed my lips, since any type of fast fatty food past my lips, since any real chocolate passed my lips......................................... and yet I'm still as fat as ever!

Excuse my language but for F**Ks sake! And when I say I have been good, i mean i have been good, no sneaky chocolate has passed my lips at all, no crap shovelled in while your back is turned, no doughnuts eaten in the car, I ate a pack of 5 in the car last month on the way from the shop to the office (its a 5 min drive) cause I was annoyed, then took another bag into work and polished another off there lol!

The weight should be literally falling off, lying on the ground and speaking to me saying 'no Kate, no eat some more crap, your getting skinnny' but instead its stubbornly staying on my hips, belly, arms, legs.............................................................basically every body part.

But here's the thing, I'm not giving up, IM NOT GIVING UP! So you nasty little fat cells you better get ready cause your going, may be a bit longer than I would like but your going. So I was eating well and doing extra easy but wasn't tracking, so from today I bought a little fat diary and am writing EVERYTHING down, going to try that for 2 weeks and see what happens and if weight don't start shifting am going to start cutting the fat off with a knife! (Extreme I know but believe me I'm getting really annoyed)

Chris's attitude is just eat less, he thinks I eat to much, his idea of a days food is maybe a bag of crisps at lunch then food when he gets home, then not a lot, hes a weirdo! But what he doesn't get is many moons ago when I was 15 I was thin, VERY thin and had issues with food, used to weigh myself 3 times a day and write it on a chart, not good and can not let myself get back to that point. With me its never about food, whether I eat to much or to little its about control, if everything else in my life is crazy and out of my control I can control what I put in my body, that's a real bad place to be and I am determined not to get like that again.

So weigh in on Thursday, better see a loss otherwise I will cry and binge on Chinese Thursday evening, but before I go I am going to whinge like mad about the cost of food, I am spending a fortune on food, going to the supermarket every other day to get fresh fruit and veg and basically spending all Chris money on food, a fact he doesn't really like!

Fat Burd tired, ill and grumpy and signing off for the night.................nite nite fat fighters xxxxx

Monday, 19 March 2012

Well its Sunday night and I cant access my blinking blog so am emailing this to my work email so I can then add it from work, GRRRR!!! Very hectic few days but I have to say I am quite pleased with myself and my food choices for once, only a few minor incidents.

Thursday nite we went out for dinner with our friends Oz and Avril and I was very good and had chicken and bacon Cesar salad, which actually was better then the Curry's the boys had, and when we had pudding I had low fat yoghurt and fruit, it tasted like absolute crap but it was a good cohice, on to Friday night and dinner in Weston, spent 30 Min's looking at menu and eyeing up the pizza but again resister and chose sea bass with new potatoes and veg. The waiter got really annoyed with me as I was asking for it to be cooked in no butter or oil or anything and he got really ratty but I don't care although when it come out they had cooked it in a little but hey ho, onto Sat and we went to Hope Cove with Chris Family and again I was remarkably good, Plaice, new potatoes and went a bit of piste but its hard being away from home, ate toast this morning but It was brown bread and considering there were croissants which are my favourite I don't think I did to bad, and for lunch we went to a chip shop in Salcombe and I was dreading it a bit as wasn't sure what to have, we got there 15 Min's before it shut, they were jacket potatoes on the menu and I though great will have on but they had none left and wernt prepared to cook anymore so I ended up going for a burger, dint get no chips just had 7 of Chris's, then ate a banana as was still ravenous. Slipped up by eating a biscuit this afternoon but overall I'm pretty happy with my choice's.

Got some photos to add of all the food that's at my work so you can try and understand the temptation I am under every bloody day, its horrendous!

So am thinking I may have a cheek weigh in the morning to see how I am doing as I am determined to lose 2lb this week. Finding it really hard as now I am really loathing myself and finding it really hard as it is like for ages I just bottled up all the feelings I have about my body and put them away and all of a sudden I am seeing myself in the mirror and seeing the fat burd I really am, that's horrid and Chris don't really get it, neither do I really, its proper strange but where as before I just got on with being fat now i feel a hippo in everything I wear.

Have a blinking cold as well which isn't good and could really be detrimental to my diet as I am a bloke when I am ill, i need sympathy, am generally dying and am a hypocondriac and this could be when my downfall occurs so going to bed to try and sleep it off as I'm proper tired and grumpy!

Catch you soon fat fighters! xxx

Thursday, 15 March 2012


So just weighed in and my predicitions from yesterday of the scales not moving much came true.

I lost 1lb................1 measly blinking 1lb


Im really gutted, feel like a failure and also feel like crying, the girls at work are trying to chivy me along but I just feel like complete poop!

Need to pick myself up and move on, although I have been sooooo good since Saturday I havent been writing down my food so as from today am going to start that, but seriously apart from dinners at inlaws no rubbish has passed my lips, no crisps not chocolate nothing!

So do I do my usual, give up and eat a MacDonalds at lunch time and admit im just to fat and rubbish at dieting or pick myself up, dust myself off and go for it next week?

Got so much on thougth, dinner out tonight, tomorrow, away at weekend so eating out Saturday and Sunday, its just so much of a pain!

So a really unhappy fat burd signing off................................ :-(

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Warning, grumpy possible hormonal woman BEWARE

So its the day before D day and I'm feeling the pressure! Having a bit of a bad day and am struggling to stay away from the biscuit tin.

So think I'm either hormonal or going mad as yesterday got road rage so bad on the way home I nearly drove my car into someone I was so mad, stupid woman tried cut me up then beeped at ME, so I thought I would show her and drove at 30mph in a 50 zone for a bit just to pee her off, she then overtook me so I just let it go but was pretty angry, then about 5 mins later I went to overtake her as she was driving like a moran and then she pulled out on me with on indication or nothing.

My blood was boiling!

So listened to a bit more of Radio One and finally calmed down, although stupid woman in the red car if you are reading this by some coincidence, you are VERY stupid.

Dinner at the In Laws was fantastic as usual, chicken in a red wine sauce with mushroom, onion and chorizio. It was GREAT, sweet potato wedges and some veg, really good, and I avoided the garlic bread so was pleased. For dessert I avoided the cheese and biscuits and ate some low fat yogurt so was really pleased that I was still quite good.

Talking to Chris on the way home and was asking what I get for certain weight losses so here's what we agreed.

Half a stone - new haircut
1 stone - New dress (and I managed to negotiate a chinese as well, Chris said would be undoing all my hard work but sod it, I LOVE chinese.

That's as far as we got but I have made my own up moving on from that
Stone and a half - new jeans, work trousers, and other clothes
2 Stone - I want a holiday!!!!!
2 and a half stone - Engagement ring??????

Will have to persuade Chris and the 2 and a half stone prize prob wont happen but here's hoping!

So tomorrow morning is D day, 9am when our weight loss guru gets to work will be the dreaded weigh in, have avoided the scales all week as don't want to jinx it but REALLY starting to panic now. Thinking I weighed in on Thursday at 12.10 but Thursday night ate chinese and Friday night we went out so imagine that would be 2 or 3 on, so when I weigh tomorrow I may not see much movement on those scales and I think that will really depress me as I may have only lost what I put on those 2 days.

Managed a walk 2 out of 3 days this week, so if your in the Yeovil area and see a whale wobbling down the road around 1pm, its probable me! Have my swimming stuff in the car and debating going swimming tonight after work, but I am SOOOO tired and don't know if I can be bothered!

Well will post tomorrow with the results, have a sick feeling in my stomach that I don't think will go till then.........................................

Hmmmm wish me luck

Fat fighter signing off for the day xxx

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Chinese cravings n my tummys rumbling

So its day 4 of the dreaded diet and im craving crap food, im dreaming of chocolate, Chinese and all things bad but I am still determined.

So really on track and eating healthily, finally getting up earlier and eating breakfast, Monday got up made porridge, ate a spoonful and decided it was like baby sick so made me self some branflakes instead. Lunch has been the lovely rice dish which I actually really like, add in a yoghurt and its lush.

Has some bad news today, my great Uncle died so that’s a bit rubbish and makes me want to hit the chocolate and crap but I will resist.

Weigh in is looming, Thursday morning is D day, wanted to get a sneaky peek when I got to work Monday but resisted as don’t want to either depress myself or let me think I can relax as I lost weight. Went for a walk on lunch yesterday, 20 min power walk, going to try and do it 3 times a week to get my exercise level up, was going to go swimming yesterday but Chris wasn’t really keen as he was knackered by time got home from work and I made an excuse as I was hungary and then once I had eaten that was it.

Got a busy week ahead, could be a hazard in the way of my dieting, dinner round the In-laws tonight which is always fan-bloody-tastic but may put me off track, but all im going to do is steer clear off dessert, might take a low fat moose with me instead. Thursday off out with friends of mine and Chris’s in Bridgwater for dinner so looking forward to that, Friday off to Weston to visit the girls and go for an italien, then at the weekend off away for the weekend to Devon with Chris’s parents which will be fantastic but I may have to take my food with me to ensure its healthy. Gods its hard to diet with things going on in your life!!!

Just been to Morrisons and am very pleased as managed to not buy any crap food at all, that’s a first for me! Plus I was hank marving starving as hadn’t yet ate my lunch,

So lets see what happens tonight once I am faced with the gorgeous food made by Kath. Will my will power hold, can I face temptation and win………………………….

Monday, 12 March 2012

Sunday, 11 March 2012
So its day 2, usually by this point I'm fed up on a diet, and yep I'm fed up lol. 
After posting yesterday I went downstairs and I cooked the one dish I'm confident at, Slimming World Cottage pie, so that's in the fridge for tomorrow night. Chris come home and ate the left over Chinese from Thursday so I decided to make an omelette. I love omelette's but I cant make them for love nor money, it basically went wrong, I had like scrambled eggs, with peppers, ham and mushrooms and while it was OK it wasn't the omelette I envisioned but hey it was healthy, ate it with salad and felt very proud of myself. 
Only bad thing to pass my lips was some cake mixture but we all know cake mixture don't count lol, Chris went and played poker so made sum flapjacks and cakes for the boys, I love making cakes, unfortunately I also love eating them but last night I resisted and made Chris take them all with him. 
And I was good I didn't eat anything after my tea at all, had a chilled night with a friend and went to bed, not before looking at some random blogs to see what other people write and do etc, one girl just blogged EVERYTHING she ate and calorie count, god talk bout boring, 1 lettuce leaf, 15 calories, 1 tomato 15 calories etc etc. If I ever get like that someone kill me pls! 
So this morning I got up, Chris not here and ate some toast and yogurt for brekkie, lunch was a pain as we went out and the boys wanted roast so went to a pub but roast was all they done grrrr! But I am happy to say I was good, I only ate 2 potatoes and half a Yorkshire and the rest was meat and Veg, I'm a proper believer in not letting a diet stop you from going out, I just gotta learn to make the right choices and I don't think I did bad, n the potatoes were lush so leaving them was ultra hard.
I also did some more cooking today so I'm proud of that as I hate cooking, made some brown rice, chucked a load of veg in it and sum leftover sausage in the fridge, that's my lunch sorted all week so proud of that. 
Lots of people have commented or text me saying how brave I am being by putting my heart, soul and fat bum out there for people to see but honestly its not bravery, partly stupidity and partly cause like a lot of women I try to be good but fail, and I'm hoping that by sharing it means I'm to embarrassed to fail. I bet there are certain people having a right laugh but you know what I just do not care. Chris I think is very bemused by this all, he read my blog yesterday and you can tell he thinks I'm mad posting very unattractive pics and telling the world my weight but hes a man they don't get it and he wont ever totally understand, I also think hes a bit like 'heard all this before' which to be fair he has and although hes supportive if I'm honest he could be better but hopefully once I get going he will understand I am serious this time.
So as well as eating healthily I know I need to exercise and I asked Chris to help me with this as I hate exercise with a passion, plus my asthma and half a lung can make it awkward, so decided on swimming. So tomorrow night its gonna be whale time at Taunton Pool, the getting in the costume doesn't really bother me but I think its casue I hate my body that much and am so embarrassed by it anyway getting in a costume just doesn't make it any worse. Once you have no self esteem it cant get any lower plus swimming I don't actually mind so now just to get me butt and Chris butt in gear and go. 
I've been thinking a lot about motivation and how to keep going when the going gets tough and trying to find the thing that will help, Chris before has told me he will buy me a whole new wardrobe if I get to a size 10 but that just doesn't motivate me, maybe because I take no interest in clothes, when your fat your fat and nothing looks good so why bother trying. 
Before Christmas I had to go buy new work trousers in a 18 and I didn't even blink an eyelid, now I find that scary, an 18, I have never been that fat. When I met Chris I was a size 14 and in 16 months gone up 2 sizes, if I keep on at this rate obesity just round the corner, so I went and bought new trousers and didn't even bat an eyelid or maybe I just have been hiding these things in the back of my mind as I knew if I thought of it I would have to sort myself out....... who knows. 
So not a particularly hilarious post today but I want this to be an honest account, right now I am so craving crap food, don't even think I'm hungry just craving it but I will abstain, there is a lovely lettuce leaf in the fridge I will go munch. YUMMY! 
Till next time my lovely fat fighters! xx
So I have done my shopping, spent a fortune and now have a house full of healthy food! Was starving by time I go home so made my lunch

Jacket potato with salad, Coleslaw, ham and cheese, only bad thing on the plate is coleslaw as wasn't reduced fat but finished it now and the one in fridge is low fat. Was actually bloody lovely!

So in a previous blog I wrote I was going to take some photos and put them up, Chris thinks I'm bloody mad and I think he could be right as they are by no means good but here's the thing, I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT MY WEIGHT! For so long I have messed about and maybe by me telling you my weight and then posting these horrible pics it might put a broom up my backside and make me do it so here goes......................................

So this is me, chubby, chunky, stretch marks all the horror, believe I'm not proud of these photos and the next one just makes me want to cry but now I'm telling and showing the world I really have to sort my sh*t out and get thin.

I have to change, 
I want to change, 
I need to change

But I need help, I need support, I need motivation, tips on cooking, anything to spur me on, so by posting the worlds worst pics, and bearing open my soul I'm hoping this will really help me to turn a corner and finally do it, kick this into touch and change my life. So please comment, give me your stories, hints and tips.

So its 10th March and day 1 of my diet so some big choices to make, diets confuse me right, there are so many, Weightwatchers, Slimming World, Rosemary Conley, GI Diet, Eat for your bloodtype diet, the list goes on and what I am bad at doing is taking a little bit from each and making my own Kate diet. Unfortunately the Kate diets involves eating bad food as well.

Sadly I have tried a lot of diets but never really got to the finish point, before I met Chris I lost a stone and a half on Slimming World but my life was in a mess and after a few months left, about 6 months ago I joined Slimming World in Taunton but lasted 3 weeks but lost 7lb but the group was full of oldies! In Weston, the Slimming World I went to was fab, the leader Vicky was lovely and I loved that group, if I could make her move here I think I would have really lost a lot of weight. So Slimming World in Taunton a no go. In September I joined Weightwatchers and decided to give them a try, lost about half a stone but just lost enthusiasm, they are all so much hard work! I'm not a natural cook, I hate cooking and trying new things, panics me right so the thought of cooking healthy food freaks me right out!

But I digress here's the point, which diet am I going to choose, well least on Slimming World I can eat like a horse, maybe not the things I want but I can eat so that's it choice made, time to go write a shopping list of all the rabbit food I need to buy and motivate myself to move my fat arse.

What may not help is the fact I have a slight hangover and feel a bit poop as went out for a few drinks last night with Chris and I am such a lightweight now I hardly drink, but on the plus side was fantastic to get a little tipsy with my man and ate a Burger and chips that was more of them in the near future mind!

Day 1

So here we go its 9th March 2012 and here's my first blog! Bin reading a few blogs lately, some make me laugh, some make me mad and some are just madness so thought would write one and see what happens.

So I'm Kate, I'm 28 and live in Taunton, Somerset, I live with my partner Chris and work in Yeovil as an accounts assistant, we live in a gorgeous cottage with our cat Stripey. I'm your typical woman, a bit mental, grumpy and love my chocolate, always want to be right and prob give my other half a hard time sometimes but will NEVER admit to being wrong.

So the thing on my mind at the moment, that word all women hate DIETING! I'm your average girl, need to lose a few pounds but if anyone ever told me to would tell them to take a hike, so at my work there is like 6 or 7 women in the office and half of us are dieting, 2 of the women have done amazing and lost like 4 stone each but are still yet to get to goal, me and another lady are dieting as well. So in November we were all talking about diet clubs, some of us were doing weightwatchers, some slimming world and we were moaning about paying to go to these clubs just to weigh as although we all know that staying motivates you to lose more and helps, after a hard day at work who can really be bothered? So we decided to start our own diet club at work, we would all pay £2 each every week and at end of month person who lost the most weight would win the money,

so this was in November..........Since then I have put on 6lbs!

I have really got to sort myself out as I want to lose weight but my motivation is appalling, I like food, I eat on emotions and I make bad choices, here's hoping that a blog will motivate me, something to write my frustrations down on and track my progress, later going to take a photo and post it and measurements. Here's the thing most women wont tell you their weight as they are ashamed, I'm ashamed but thinking if I put that figure out there then I will have to do something about it as don't want to stay there so here goes................................................
I'm 28, fat and 12stone 10lbs

phew done it, its out there so all my friends, acquaintances, random people I never met now know I am a proper fatty. 

Now its time to do something about it.................................