Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Warning, grumpy possible hormonal woman BEWARE

So its the day before D day and I'm feeling the pressure! Having a bit of a bad day and am struggling to stay away from the biscuit tin.

So think I'm either hormonal or going mad as yesterday got road rage so bad on the way home I nearly drove my car into someone I was so mad, stupid woman tried cut me up then beeped at ME, so I thought I would show her and drove at 30mph in a 50 zone for a bit just to pee her off, she then overtook me so I just let it go but was pretty angry, then about 5 mins later I went to overtake her as she was driving like a moran and then she pulled out on me with on indication or nothing.

My blood was boiling!

So listened to a bit more of Radio One and finally calmed down, although stupid woman in the red car if you are reading this by some coincidence, you are VERY stupid.

Dinner at the In Laws was fantastic as usual, chicken in a red wine sauce with mushroom, onion and chorizio. It was GREAT, sweet potato wedges and some veg, really good, and I avoided the garlic bread so was pleased. For dessert I avoided the cheese and biscuits and ate some low fat yogurt so was really pleased that I was still quite good.

Talking to Chris on the way home and was asking what I get for certain weight losses so here's what we agreed.

Half a stone - new haircut
1 stone - New dress (and I managed to negotiate a chinese as well, Chris said would be undoing all my hard work but sod it, I LOVE chinese.

That's as far as we got but I have made my own up moving on from that
Stone and a half - new jeans, work trousers, and other clothes
2 Stone - I want a holiday!!!!!
2 and a half stone - Engagement ring??????

Will have to persuade Chris and the 2 and a half stone prize prob wont happen but here's hoping!

So tomorrow morning is D day, 9am when our weight loss guru gets to work will be the dreaded weigh in, have avoided the scales all week as don't want to jinx it but REALLY starting to panic now. Thinking I weighed in on Thursday at 12.10 but Thursday night ate chinese and Friday night we went out so imagine that would be 2 or 3 on, so when I weigh tomorrow I may not see much movement on those scales and I think that will really depress me as I may have only lost what I put on those 2 days.

Managed a walk 2 out of 3 days this week, so if your in the Yeovil area and see a whale wobbling down the road around 1pm, its probable me! Have my swimming stuff in the car and debating going swimming tonight after work, but I am SOOOO tired and don't know if I can be bothered!

Well will post tomorrow with the results, have a sick feeling in my stomach that I don't think will go till then.........................................

Hmmmm wish me luck

Fat fighter signing off for the day xxx

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