Monday, 12 March 2012

So its 10th March and day 1 of my diet so some big choices to make, diets confuse me right, there are so many, Weightwatchers, Slimming World, Rosemary Conley, GI Diet, Eat for your bloodtype diet, the list goes on and what I am bad at doing is taking a little bit from each and making my own Kate diet. Unfortunately the Kate diets involves eating bad food as well.

Sadly I have tried a lot of diets but never really got to the finish point, before I met Chris I lost a stone and a half on Slimming World but my life was in a mess and after a few months left, about 6 months ago I joined Slimming World in Taunton but lasted 3 weeks but lost 7lb but the group was full of oldies! In Weston, the Slimming World I went to was fab, the leader Vicky was lovely and I loved that group, if I could make her move here I think I would have really lost a lot of weight. So Slimming World in Taunton a no go. In September I joined Weightwatchers and decided to give them a try, lost about half a stone but just lost enthusiasm, they are all so much hard work! I'm not a natural cook, I hate cooking and trying new things, panics me right so the thought of cooking healthy food freaks me right out!

But I digress here's the point, which diet am I going to choose, well least on Slimming World I can eat like a horse, maybe not the things I want but I can eat so that's it choice made, time to go write a shopping list of all the rabbit food I need to buy and motivate myself to move my fat arse.

What may not help is the fact I have a slight hangover and feel a bit poop as went out for a few drinks last night with Chris and I am such a lightweight now I hardly drink, but on the plus side was fantastic to get a little tipsy with my man and ate a Burger and chips that was more of them in the near future mind!

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