Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fat, Frumpy & Flipping Annoyed

So thought it was time to write a new post! We are now 10 days into the healthy eating malarkey and by God its depressing!

Drove past the Indian on the way home and my heart started racing, lips started salivating and fat started wobbling! But resisted temptation, not sure how or why but resisted temptation.

So on Monday morning I went and had a sneaky weigh on the scales as wanted an idea of how I was doing, after my shock at only losing 1lb last week I wanted to gauge how I will be on Thursday. Bear in mind I ate out 4 times last week and 3 of those were EXTREMELY healthy, i put on 1/2lb. Absolutely gutted I was and still am, What the bloody hell is going on, weight should be dropping off me, its been 10 long hard days since a crisp passed my lips, since any type of fast fatty food past my lips, since any real chocolate passed my lips......................................... and yet I'm still as fat as ever!

Excuse my language but for F**Ks sake! And when I say I have been good, i mean i have been good, no sneaky chocolate has passed my lips at all, no crap shovelled in while your back is turned, no doughnuts eaten in the car, I ate a pack of 5 in the car last month on the way from the shop to the office (its a 5 min drive) cause I was annoyed, then took another bag into work and polished another off there lol!

The weight should be literally falling off, lying on the ground and speaking to me saying 'no Kate, no eat some more crap, your getting skinnny' but instead its stubbornly staying on my hips, belly, arms, legs.............................................................basically every body part.

But here's the thing, I'm not giving up, IM NOT GIVING UP! So you nasty little fat cells you better get ready cause your going, may be a bit longer than I would like but your going. So I was eating well and doing extra easy but wasn't tracking, so from today I bought a little fat diary and am writing EVERYTHING down, going to try that for 2 weeks and see what happens and if weight don't start shifting am going to start cutting the fat off with a knife! (Extreme I know but believe me I'm getting really annoyed)

Chris's attitude is just eat less, he thinks I eat to much, his idea of a days food is maybe a bag of crisps at lunch then food when he gets home, then not a lot, hes a weirdo! But what he doesn't get is many moons ago when I was 15 I was thin, VERY thin and had issues with food, used to weigh myself 3 times a day and write it on a chart, not good and can not let myself get back to that point. With me its never about food, whether I eat to much or to little its about control, if everything else in my life is crazy and out of my control I can control what I put in my body, that's a real bad place to be and I am determined not to get like that again.

So weigh in on Thursday, better see a loss otherwise I will cry and binge on Chinese Thursday evening, but before I go I am going to whinge like mad about the cost of food, I am spending a fortune on food, going to the supermarket every other day to get fresh fruit and veg and basically spending all Chris money on food, a fact he doesn't really like!

Fat Burd tired, ill and grumpy and signing off for the night.................nite nite fat fighters xxxxx

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  1. dont get downhearted, get angry and turn that anger into determination.