Monday, 26 March 2012

A weekend of Chinese!

So after a weekend of not really being on track and being naughty its back to the drawing board.

SO Thursday night after my good weigh in was driving home dreaming of Chinese and really wanted one but decided ‘No I will go home and eat sausages and mash and veg’ then met Chris in the pub on way home and he wanted Chinese so I caved in and ate Chinese, although I was good and ordered chicken chow mien as I thought noodles would be better than sweet and sour.

Friday I went to my best friends Lottie’s to spend time with her and Theo, we ordered sandwiches from a lush sandwich shop, I was good had Turkey, salad on granary, Lottie had a brownie and I ate some fruit, (although I may have had a sneaky bit of brownie) For tea we ate chicken Kiev, so not so good but still, new pots and lettuce so that made it good.

Sat morning I ate some toast and fruit, then we went out to a Starbucks and there I was amazing as I wanted hot chocolate and cake, and actually had filter coffee and fruit salad! Lunch was a wholemeal roll and ham and a yogurt and more sodding fruit.

Went home and to a BBQ, only ate one burger on a wholemeal roll and then ate a pre packed salad I bought. Yesterday I had bran flakes for brekkie, which I was very proud of as made Chris bacon sandwiches. For lunch ate the rest of the prepacked salad, (plus a pack of chewits) but then for tea me and Chris were out and on way back got Chinese AGAIN! Bad Boyfriend!

So although some good choices were made at the weekend there were some truly bad ones, o well its start to a new week. Stepped on scales this morning and have a bit to lose to break even on Thursday. But onwards and upwards let put it behind me, and move on……………

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