Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Chinese cravings n my tummys rumbling

So its day 4 of the dreaded diet and im craving crap food, im dreaming of chocolate, Chinese and all things bad but I am still determined.

So really on track and eating healthily, finally getting up earlier and eating breakfast, Monday got up made porridge, ate a spoonful and decided it was like baby sick so made me self some branflakes instead. Lunch has been the lovely rice dish which I actually really like, add in a yoghurt and its lush.

Has some bad news today, my great Uncle died so that’s a bit rubbish and makes me want to hit the chocolate and crap but I will resist.

Weigh in is looming, Thursday morning is D day, wanted to get a sneaky peek when I got to work Monday but resisted as don’t want to either depress myself or let me think I can relax as I lost weight. Went for a walk on lunch yesterday, 20 min power walk, going to try and do it 3 times a week to get my exercise level up, was going to go swimming yesterday but Chris wasn’t really keen as he was knackered by time got home from work and I made an excuse as I was hungary and then once I had eaten that was it.

Got a busy week ahead, could be a hazard in the way of my dieting, dinner round the In-laws tonight which is always fan-bloody-tastic but may put me off track, but all im going to do is steer clear off dessert, might take a low fat moose with me instead. Thursday off out with friends of mine and Chris’s in Bridgwater for dinner so looking forward to that, Friday off to Weston to visit the girls and go for an italien, then at the weekend off away for the weekend to Devon with Chris’s parents which will be fantastic but I may have to take my food with me to ensure its healthy. Gods its hard to diet with things going on in your life!!!

Just been to Morrisons and am very pleased as managed to not buy any crap food at all, that’s a first for me! Plus I was hank marving starving as hadn’t yet ate my lunch,

So lets see what happens tonight once I am faced with the gorgeous food made by Kath. Will my will power hold, can I face temptation and win………………………….

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