Monday, 12 March 2012

So I have done my shopping, spent a fortune and now have a house full of healthy food! Was starving by time I go home so made my lunch

Jacket potato with salad, Coleslaw, ham and cheese, only bad thing on the plate is coleslaw as wasn't reduced fat but finished it now and the one in fridge is low fat. Was actually bloody lovely!

So in a previous blog I wrote I was going to take some photos and put them up, Chris thinks I'm bloody mad and I think he could be right as they are by no means good but here's the thing, I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT MY WEIGHT! For so long I have messed about and maybe by me telling you my weight and then posting these horrible pics it might put a broom up my backside and make me do it so here goes......................................

So this is me, chubby, chunky, stretch marks all the horror, believe I'm not proud of these photos and the next one just makes me want to cry but now I'm telling and showing the world I really have to sort my sh*t out and get thin.

I have to change, 
I want to change, 
I need to change

But I need help, I need support, I need motivation, tips on cooking, anything to spur me on, so by posting the worlds worst pics, and bearing open my soul I'm hoping this will really help me to turn a corner and finally do it, kick this into touch and change my life. So please comment, give me your stories, hints and tips.

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  1. proper proud of you girl. x kate-bird x