Friday, 30 March 2012

Yesterdays weigh in and a bit of a slump!

So weigh in yesterday and I was a bit shocked if I am honest as I stayed the same and I expected to put on really so that’s all good.

I thought I would be putting on weight as sort of lost it a little bit as I left my book at Lotties at the weekend so haven’t been writing down what I have been eating or doing much walking plus after the two Chinese’s at the weekend although haven’t eaten anything near as bad I still haven’t been excellent and after a sneaky weigh in on Wednesday was expecting the worst. So a nice surprise and after weigh in ate a lovely bit of cake! Well it was my desk buddy at works birthday and I had made the cake so it would have been rude not to, and it was lovely! 

I really enjoy making desserts and it’s a new recipe I have only made once before for my mother in law for Mothers Day. If only I enjoyed cooking proper healthy food as much as I love making cakes.

Feeling a bit hacked off really about the whole weight thing and sort of wanting to give up on my blog but am plodding on (like the snail in the race with the hare) in 3 weeks have only lost 2 ½ lb yet I have been trying and actually trying quite hard.

So last night I ate a pack of wotsits, first pack of crisps I had eaten in 3 weeks and I expected to love them and actually it was not that great, tasted quite poop really, so I suppose that’s a good thing although if you gave me a pack of high fat crisps I might be saying different. First couple of days in the week was really hungry and felt like I was eating loads but last two days for lunch have had beans on toast on small wholemeal bread and it has really been filling me up.
Been walking 3 days this week at lunch, it’s a 20 min circuit so I suppose that’s quite good, am actually going to try and get my butt to the swimming pool this weekend as well.

There’s a woman at work who this week is doing really well, she’s doing the shake and soup diet and I just wish I had the will power to do it if just for a week, I am just so useless that I cant do it GRRRR!!!!

So weekend ahead, lots of temptation, out for a meal this evening with friends, already stressing about what to get my fat bum into, and then Chris working all weekend so could end up eating crap alone at home.

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