Monday, 19 March 2012

Well its Sunday night and I cant access my blinking blog so am emailing this to my work email so I can then add it from work, GRRRR!!! Very hectic few days but I have to say I am quite pleased with myself and my food choices for once, only a few minor incidents.

Thursday nite we went out for dinner with our friends Oz and Avril and I was very good and had chicken and bacon Cesar salad, which actually was better then the Curry's the boys had, and when we had pudding I had low fat yoghurt and fruit, it tasted like absolute crap but it was a good cohice, on to Friday night and dinner in Weston, spent 30 Min's looking at menu and eyeing up the pizza but again resister and chose sea bass with new potatoes and veg. The waiter got really annoyed with me as I was asking for it to be cooked in no butter or oil or anything and he got really ratty but I don't care although when it come out they had cooked it in a little but hey ho, onto Sat and we went to Hope Cove with Chris Family and again I was remarkably good, Plaice, new potatoes and went a bit of piste but its hard being away from home, ate toast this morning but It was brown bread and considering there were croissants which are my favourite I don't think I did to bad, and for lunch we went to a chip shop in Salcombe and I was dreading it a bit as wasn't sure what to have, we got there 15 Min's before it shut, they were jacket potatoes on the menu and I though great will have on but they had none left and wernt prepared to cook anymore so I ended up going for a burger, dint get no chips just had 7 of Chris's, then ate a banana as was still ravenous. Slipped up by eating a biscuit this afternoon but overall I'm pretty happy with my choice's.

Got some photos to add of all the food that's at my work so you can try and understand the temptation I am under every bloody day, its horrendous!

So am thinking I may have a cheek weigh in the morning to see how I am doing as I am determined to lose 2lb this week. Finding it really hard as now I am really loathing myself and finding it really hard as it is like for ages I just bottled up all the feelings I have about my body and put them away and all of a sudden I am seeing myself in the mirror and seeing the fat burd I really am, that's horrid and Chris don't really get it, neither do I really, its proper strange but where as before I just got on with being fat now i feel a hippo in everything I wear.

Have a blinking cold as well which isn't good and could really be detrimental to my diet as I am a bloke when I am ill, i need sympathy, am generally dying and am a hypocondriac and this could be when my downfall occurs so going to bed to try and sleep it off as I'm proper tired and grumpy!

Catch you soon fat fighters! xxx

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