Thursday, 15 March 2012


So just weighed in and my predicitions from yesterday of the scales not moving much came true.

I lost 1lb................1 measly blinking 1lb


Im really gutted, feel like a failure and also feel like crying, the girls at work are trying to chivy me along but I just feel like complete poop!

Need to pick myself up and move on, although I have been sooooo good since Saturday I havent been writing down my food so as from today am going to start that, but seriously apart from dinners at inlaws no rubbish has passed my lips, no crisps not chocolate nothing!

So do I do my usual, give up and eat a MacDonalds at lunch time and admit im just to fat and rubbish at dieting or pick myself up, dust myself off and go for it next week?

Got so much on thougth, dinner out tonight, tomorrow, away at weekend so eating out Saturday and Sunday, its just so much of a pain!

So a really unhappy fat burd signing off................................ :-(


  1. You can do it Kate! Dont beat yourself up, have a fillet o fish and when you eat out eat something healthy first so your not really really hungry when your out.

  2. You are still very pretty though with beautiful big eyes, weight or no weight. You are half way there by having this determination and one day you will get on the scales and go "ooo look, fab"!
    Stick at it.
    Amanda (Crookes) x

  3. You need to avoid that rubbish food at the inlaws...hehe

  4. The food a inlaws is far from rubbish lol, if I could eat there every day I would, love mother in laws cooking!

  5. Thanks Cassie and Amanda, so far today I have not sucummbed to rubbish food and after feeling v distressed this morning I am happy again and motivated for next week! x

  6. Don't forget the stupid rule that your weight loss is a week behind. So all the good this week will show up next week, but if you faulter you will then have a bad wrek the week after. I agree about eating out though, by all means go to mcdonalds but do what i do and just have a chicken snack wrap at 300 cals and leavr it there x kate x