Thursday, 22 March 2012

Finally somethin to semi celebrate

So my fellow fat fighters finally some semi good news, weigh in day this morning and 1 1/2lbs lost!

So im feeling better, not the loss I feel I deserve but still a loss, im learning that this time the weight isnt going to fall off, but slow and steady wins the race.

Doing well on the whole recording what I eat thing, makes me really think but im still adiment that before I was eating realyl well but maybe this is just tracking more and making me think totally about what is passing my lips.

So drivin home I was thinking 'right Thursday treat night' what shall i have tonight as a treat, was thinking about chinese, as you will remember I had a earlier craving for chinese but after much thinking decided no, I was going home to cook sausage and mash, met Chris in the pub on the way home and he told me he wanted chinese and I gave in GRRRRRRRRRR.

But the choices I made were better than usual, I ate chicken chow mein as better than some stuff, we shared sum rice and I ate some chips, I would like to say a few but there were a few of a few. But heres the thing, I ate that and then stopped, I thought about buying chocolate or crisps at the shop but didnt, I am determined that I would have my treat but that would be it and now im back on track and I am.

Going to my best friends tomorrow and got my food bag all packed so I can be healthy there no excuses. But I got to treat myself otherwise I will go mad, its just making sure I now get back on it.

The support im getting on my blog is really helping, I have had over 255 page views, my average blog gets over 30 views EACH, im astounded and thankful, its the thought of all you that keep me going, n the fact you have seen my fat bum!My next goal is to get 40+ average views per post, so share it with friends, colleagues anyone you want, I welcome the support and knowing people are listening really helps and motivates me.

That and a diamond ring anyway.........................

Off to bed, tired and full after chinese, nighty night fat fighters   xxxxxxx

p.s Chris thought I was mad when I threw the leftovers in the bin and put washing up liquid over it lol, but those who fight the battle of the bulge will get it lol

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