Monday, 12 March 2012

Day 1

So here we go its 9th March 2012 and here's my first blog! Bin reading a few blogs lately, some make me laugh, some make me mad and some are just madness so thought would write one and see what happens.

So I'm Kate, I'm 28 and live in Taunton, Somerset, I live with my partner Chris and work in Yeovil as an accounts assistant, we live in a gorgeous cottage with our cat Stripey. I'm your typical woman, a bit mental, grumpy and love my chocolate, always want to be right and prob give my other half a hard time sometimes but will NEVER admit to being wrong.

So the thing on my mind at the moment, that word all women hate DIETING! I'm your average girl, need to lose a few pounds but if anyone ever told me to would tell them to take a hike, so at my work there is like 6 or 7 women in the office and half of us are dieting, 2 of the women have done amazing and lost like 4 stone each but are still yet to get to goal, me and another lady are dieting as well. So in November we were all talking about diet clubs, some of us were doing weightwatchers, some slimming world and we were moaning about paying to go to these clubs just to weigh as although we all know that staying motivates you to lose more and helps, after a hard day at work who can really be bothered? So we decided to start our own diet club at work, we would all pay £2 each every week and at end of month person who lost the most weight would win the money,

so this was in November..........Since then I have put on 6lbs!

I have really got to sort myself out as I want to lose weight but my motivation is appalling, I like food, I eat on emotions and I make bad choices, here's hoping that a blog will motivate me, something to write my frustrations down on and track my progress, later going to take a photo and post it and measurements. Here's the thing most women wont tell you their weight as they are ashamed, I'm ashamed but thinking if I put that figure out there then I will have to do something about it as don't want to stay there so here goes................................................
I'm 28, fat and 12stone 10lbs

phew done it, its out there so all my friends, acquaintances, random people I never met now know I am a proper fatty. 

Now its time to do something about it.................................

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