Friday, 6 April 2012

Beached Whale at Taunton Pool

Yippee so finally got my flabby bum in gear and found Taunton swimming pool, went swimming Tuesday night and pleased to announce went back on Thursday night. Now it wasnt pleasant or fun and to be honest im amazed I went once and then went back again but I did and I am going to carry on swimming twice a week for time being. Now dont get excited I didnt swim a mile (did you know a mile is 66 lengths!) its gonna b a long long while till i get there but I finally broke the barrier and went and I went alone as Chris is working every night. So Tuesday night I swam 12 lengths which is actually only 408 metres which writing it sounds pretty pathetic but here my excuse, I saw someone I know and stopped and chatted to them for 10 minutes then they got out the pool and I thought right do you know what I am going to do another few lengths but they were starting a class and doing all sorts of stuff with ropes and I got a bit flustered so got out. Thursday though I am proud to say i did 16 lengths so increased by 4 lengths, again not masses but have you seen my arse? its quite heavy to drag around, mind you I did 12 then thought 'o I will just do a few more' and did another 2, by which point I was proper dying, but then thought 'O I will do a final 2' by the end of that I was proper dying!

But 28 lengths for someone who hasnt swam in 2 years and to go twice in a week Im ok with, plus done my 20 min walk at work twice this week and last weekend went on some amazing walks

On Saturday me and Chris went to Bossington near Porlock in Devon and walked to the top of the cliff, for those who know me, yep I ACTUALLY walked all the way to the top to take a photo and then all the way down and along the beach!!! Funny thing is how well Chris knows me as he made me walk up the cliff first then along the beach after as he said if we had walked along the beach and I had seen how far I would have to walk I would have kicked up a fuss, which is very true and made me chuckle!

This is the really funny house thing at the top of the cliff, you could see an old fire place in there it was mad!!! I was a pain as Saturday weather was rubbish when we went out but we still did and still got my bum moving! Also went to Dunster an walked around the town and went for lunch and I stuck with a jacket potato!

Sun, when the weather was gorgeous again Chris was working but I decided to go walking by myself, now I have lived in Taunton a year and gone on some fantastic walks around the area but decided to go to a National Trust place called Fyne Court as it was lovely, only I got lost trying to find it, Chris was most amused!

 So went off on a little walk, they have a map and routes and this was 1 and a half miles so off I trotted, IPOD blaring, humming to myself and it was GORGEOUS!, got a little lost though as was trying to find Broomfield Church and ended up totally in middle of no where with just fields around, so that added at least another half mile lol..
 The views are absolutely fantastic and it was just a shame I couldnt share it with anyone!

Loved the roots on this tree thought they were fab and so intricate and amazing.

So my weekend was good, lots of healthy walking and enjoyed it, so put that with 2 lots of swimming and 2 lots of 20 min walk at lunch and quite an active week.

Made a big decision as well, dieting with the girls at work just doesnt work for me, I need the support of a group and that kick up the bum so to speak so I finally did it, joined Slimming World AGAIN, for the 3rd time lol, Found a group in Taunton on a Thursday so thought my new Thursday routine would be to go swimming straight from work then off to fat club. So last night off I went, felt like crying the whole way through as I find it quite traumatic, girls at work thought I was mad for going before Easter weekend but my thinking is 4 days at home to get off to a good start. Havent told Chris either as want to get off to a good start and then tell him he he, luckily he doesnt read my blog!

Planning lots of activity this weekend, sun is shining today so im off for a long walk, hoping for a couple of hours walk to get me started well, will get swimming in there as well and going to look at Zumba classes.

Well enough of me talking, time to do me housework singing to me tunes, get those flabby bits moving and eat some breakfast, yogurt and raspberries this morning!



  1. You are doing brilliantly Kate. Another nice walk is just up the road from you. Here's the link


  2. Keep on it babes. Just a little fyi, do fat club and swimming the other way round if possible as you actually absorb some water from swimming or showering for a few hours, until you have a wee or three, up to half a stone! See you soon please, bird xx