Friday, 13 April 2012

Motivation motivation motivation!

So its Friday and it was weigh in last night, happy happy happy happy with my 2 1/2lb pound weight loss!!!

Yippee thats the best I have done so far! Was a bit gutted at first as I have been amazing all week and eaten totally on plan, walked over 4 miles at wknd, 3 20 min lunchtime walks and 1 round of swimming but learning to accept my body wont get rid of it that easily! 

Had a very good week last week even though it was Easter, Chris worked ALL weekend from 9am till at least 10pm which was annoying but Saturday went to In Laws and Kath (mother in law) was amazing and made me a really nice healthy lunch, then Sat night I had to go get some stuff for Chris and pick him up a chinese and I resisted and ate none of it! 

So went to group and stayed as I know this is the way to motivate me and make it work and im really hoping to start making some friends to, I find it really lonely being in Taunton with not much of a network around me, plus like minded focused people I could exercise with and bitch about food with! Its really hard being the new girl at group so for once in my life I just kept quiet and observed.

So it was Thursday treat night after group, I was going to treat my self to what ever I wanted! My treat was beans on toast lol, but on white bread with butter! It was lush then I ate 2 cookies! But I did make Chris take the rest to work though and stopped at that.
Found this photo the other day, its from christmas and its horrendous, I look about a million stone! This is why im dieting I look like a hippo! 

My advice to anyone trying to diet or just in general though is to stop eating white bread, I havent eaten any white bread in 4 weeks and been eating minimal brown and last night and today have felt so rough and bloated, try it for a week and guarantee you will see the difference.

So totally focused this week, going to follow plan to the letter as although I was amazing last week I wasnt weighing milk so today I did, weighed me milk and took it to work, they thought I wsa mad but hey ho. Also taking the body magic (exercise) up a notch, instead of my flat 20 min walk round the industrial estate to day I ventured up this really steep hill, almost died though, so any of you in Yeovil today who saw a fat woman almost collapsing up a hill while still marching on it was me! 

 Tried some new recipes this week as well and  hate trying new things so am very proud of myself, made a lush Broccoli and cheese pasta bake that was syn free if you used cheese as a healthy extra. I am very pleased with myself for that and am looking to make it again next week!

I am determined! I will do it, want a 2 1/2 loss next week as well so have to work towards that and not expect it to come easily but to follow plan! 


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