Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A munchy Sunday & Monday!

So had my nephew over the weekend hence the lack of a blog but life returning to normal so thought I should resume and hopefully the writing of the blog will help motivate and cheer me up!

So Thursday night was very pleased to lose another 2lb, the Slimming World class really works as 4 ½ off in 2 weeks! Love my class, the leaders is fab and people seem v friendly. Haven't really spoke to many but time will tell, the potential for making new friends is there.

So Thursday night treat night was 2 bits of pizza and a choc bar and I am happy to report I didn’t even eat the chocolate bar! Made Chris take it to work on Fri morning to remove temptation from me.

Fri and Sat was very good and my nephew was down staying so it was a struggle but I was v pleased, Sun it all went a bit wrong though!

We went to Brean Leisure park and lunch was from a chip shop so a cheese burger it was for me! Only ate a quarter of a portion of chips though, so was pleased with that. So that alone would not have been that bad it was what followed that did not help!

After we dropped Matthew home we went back to Taunton and decided to go out for dinner, we went to Prezzo, I was good and ate a pizza but a light option so its only a little flat bread pizza with a side salad, shared a portion of chips though and then ate cheesecake! But it was Honeycomb cheesecake, my favourite!

Whoops, need to write off Sunday then, but I am trying to learn to be forgiving and use my flexible syns and not beat myself up to much over a bad day so Monday started and I was feeling rubbish as loads going on but my eating was going to be back on track…………………….. and during the day I was good, well no bad food passed my lips. Unfortunately I didn’t eat nearly enough as by time I got home to cook my tea I was hank marving starving and while cooking cottage pie ate a load of crisps and some sultanas and then just ate and ate and ate all night.

So lesson learnt, eat more during the day otherwise you eat crap when you get home!

The exercise has slowed as well as weather so crap I cant get out and walk and swimming seems a awful pain right now, so a gain this week is on the cards I feel but am doing lots to try and make it a small gain and not let it mess me up too much!

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